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Blakely’s Bubbles

Fresh Cut Pine

Fresh Cut Pine

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Fragrance: This soap smells just like fresh cut pine trees. 

About:  This soap bar now has Himalayan salt in it to help remove dirt and dead skin. It also is made with essential oils. All of our soap bars are made with goats milk soap making them perfect for every day use. Every soap at Blakely’s Bubbles is made in a home studio in New Hampshire.  

Weight: This soap weights approximately 5.5oz (156g) but please keep in mind our soaps are hand cut and weight may very a little.

To Use: When not in use keep your soaps in a dry ventilated area. This will ensure a longer lasting soap. (Bars can always be cut to make it easier to hold in the shower)

IngredientsSorbitol, Coconut Oil, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Goat Milk, Titanium Dioxide, Himalayan salt, Fragrance Oil, Mica Powder.

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